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I actually got the chance to shoot Gwar! Yes, Lamb of God headlined, and of course it would have been a good idea to care about taking pictures of them… but I didn’t! So I have nothing to display for them 🙂

but GWAR!!!

I was so angry with myself that I shot the whole thing on the wrong setting, perhaps the mix of being dead tired from driving to Orlando and being totally anxious about the water that’s going to be sprayed everywhere. You should have seen me duck and cover! I took a few hits but my camera is safe 🙂


Progpower X

I did want to post something small about Progpower X– which is the greatest event every year for me. 15 bands, 3 nights, and always a great time in Atlanta, GA!

Images can be found scattered throughout the portfolio at the website

Angie and Jason’s Engagement

There was one more that I wanted to add before I went to bed! Unfortunately I have not made sets yet on the flickr page but maybe one day when I have some time to spare =D

This was an engagement shoot that I did last week for a couple getting married in October. Beach time during sunset is quite difficult! You gotta trick the camera into thinking there’s sunlight!

Erica and Christopher’s Engagement

Well, this is about time I started a blog updating with my photos! To start with Erica and Christopher’s Engagement shoot in Miami Beach.

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