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Throwing the Bouquet

A lot of fun going on at the wedding I shot on this past Valentines Day. I make a cameo appearance! I have to finish working and correcting all of the images before ship out so I foresee some late nights ahead!

I also have another 5 hour wedding this Friday so I’m excited everything is picking up again. Wedding season usually plummets around the holidays and picks back up in late Feb. I’m booking up quick so BOOK FAST! I’m not kidding!




The following was the concept used for a school-mate’s project:

The following is the result from the concept:

I don’t think I can possibly express how happy I am about this photo.

4th studio shoot ever. I’m starting to like this studio business!!!

I think I’m going to be her go-to photographer from now on so yay for me 🙂

Attempt at Fashion

It wasn’t really a conscious effort for fashion but it just came out that way. Just having some fun in downtown Hollywood with Liz and a few people from my photo classes.

Photographing Light

On a brighter note I was able to do a project that nowhere near involved using my dreaded gray card. I really kicked myself in the event that I forgot to submit one of the photos that I did for Sirrea’s Maternity shoot that I really wanted to present; I’m just going to have to sneak it in sometime next week! Photographing light… truly a random occurrence. Maybe I’ll try to pay attention to *light* itself better next time!

Gray Card

Dearest Gray Card,

I hate you. You make my life inconvenient. The end.

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