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Portraits Project

FIVE CATEGORIES: You must pick ONE image from EACH category and comment which one you vote for!!

Do not base your vote on if you know the model, or if you think the model is hot, or any other shallow crap. Look at the image, the composition, the colors, and the feel. Remember these are images straight out of the camera, no editing allowed! Which one do YOU think is the BEST portrait?!

Please e-mail me at with your vote! Your input is greatly appreciated!!!




As soon as I’m finished with my Portraits Project for Prin. of Photography I will post the entire collection and more. I’m lovin’ this assignment. I’m bringing sexy back!

The Perfect Shot

Who said getting the perfect shot only takes one click?


This is the human specimen that I have chosen as a life-mate. I am proud of myself.

Steve Morse

Steve Morse
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA @ Culture Room
March 5, 2010

Author’s note: I *hate* shooting at the culture room simply because there is no photo pit and I always end up bumping into some guy with beer in his hand and I get all sticky. And this fixed lens business is really limiting me… but that’s all behind the scenes nonsense… !!! On with the show!

Gabrielle and Alex’s Wedding

I’m a little behind on my weddings, and I want to post the past four I did in the last two weeks because they all came out so amazing! Gabrielle and Alex got married on Valentine’s Day.

I might mention that I truly hate wordpress, the internet, and any program that slaughters the quality of the images. I really do.

Music Photography Website

I am so happy I finally put together an official website for my concert photography! I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting and procrastinating, but it’s about time! Click the image!

“minerva photography diana”

Someone is consistently typing in “minerva photography diana” into their search engine and landing on my post with her picture… We know who you are, and I have your IP address too 🙂

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