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Lightroom VS Capture NX

I HATE LIGHTROOM. I HATE IT. Why can’t Capture NX come up with an amazing workflow like Lightroom? But why does Lightroom have to SUCK?

Lightroom —|— Capture NX
Images at 100%

My reason why Capture NX is infinitely superior in image quality to Lightroom. Hands down, don’t even bug me about it. I will bite. I’m quite frustrated to say the least. Only photographers will understand my struggles at this moment in time…


Dearest Digital Photographers



Rebecca & Lyonel’s Wedding

Because Photobiz decided to kill their slideshow program I had to reorganize all of my slideshows, and I decided to add a few new ones considering I still had weddings up there from 2008! I will now make a promise to myself: don’t keep anything over a year old up! So I grabbed a fun wedding I shot back in Feb and made a gallery 🙂

I did a little redesigning of the wedding page too. Take a look!


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UPDATE: 3rd place with 70+ votes! GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE v2.0: 2ND PLACE and only ~20 votes behind first place!!! I gotta keep this up until July 15th? Oh boy! >_<

UPDATE v3.0: 1ST PLACE!! With 11 votes ahead!! I’m so proud of all of you who love and support my work! Now we have to keep this up until July 15th!!!

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This morning I ventured into the depths of Tree Tops Park and shot some promotional pictures for Americana vocalist Reina Collins. It’s not very often I get to sweat it out dragging my strobe system around, but I’m happy I did this time. Check out her stuff!

Update… Finally!!!

I’ve been spending more time with family than usual, taking care of my new kitten who is now healthy and running around like a menace, and working my butt off for my straight A’s at the Art Institute. The quarter is over and my three week break commences… this past month I’ve done a number of weddings, my first Quince, and fell in love with Photoshop CS5 over and over again. Just a tiny taste of what I’ve been doing this last month…

Spending time with my Lucy (shot by Debi Jiminez with her new baby Canon 7D)

Exploring the world of Digital Makeup (modeled by Debi Jiminez with my life long reliable friend: Nikon d700 ♥)
…I love my home studio

The beautiful and intimate beach wedding I fried at =)

And my new obsession with CS5 and brushes!
Original : Stormy Night : Fairy Land : Dooms Day

What’s to come? TONS of concert photos (yay summer tours!).

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