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Front & Back Cover

I love it when this happens!!!



I hope you had a happy 4th!

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Psyko South’s Big Rela

Promo shoot with Big Rela

Now, when it comes to rap and all that I’m pretty much as vanilla as you can get… so getting a promo assignment for a rapper was a total mind%$#@ to me! But you know what? I LIKE IT! So… there!

Test Shot

fam·i·ly: a group of individuals living under one roof
Pronunciation: \ˈfam-lē, ˈfa-mə-\


Hole & Foxy SHAZAAAM!

Hole (Actually, just Courtney), Foxy Shazam!
July 2, 2010
The Fillmore
Miami Beach, FL

This was possibly one of the funnest concerts to watch I’ve been to in YEARS (last one… Blind Guardian, baby!) but this show introduced me to Foxy Shazam (which is freakin’ awesome, BTW… you want some crazy catchy shit you better go check them out NOW) and I got to see one of the founding bands who set a generation that I grew up in. Never the less, I actually got to SHOOT it! Who would have ever thought when I was 11 years old I would say “yeah, I’m going to get some awesome published pictures of that lady in 13 years in a magazine, just you watch!” …hah.

Foxy Shazam (stupid horrid lighting…)

Courtney Looove!

Ted Nugent & Val Halla

Ted Nugent, Val Halla
June 29, 2010
Revolution Live
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lucky us photographers had to shoot from the sound board because Uncle Ted doesn’t want the photographers underneath in the photo pit… at least that’s my guess! Everyone around me had their 300mm+ monster lenses with a tripod but screw that; I broke out my trusty Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 macro lens and I can’t complain at all about the results. I would feel so claustrophobic if I was stuck with a fixed lens that close in at only a horizontal view. Everyone would get the same pictures! (…not that there was much of a diversity when you’re that far away anyway) but I’m happy with the pictures and that’s all that matters 🙂

Shooting Hole tonight!

Val Halla

Uncle Ted!

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