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Film Stills

*Ahem* …..

Just a little somethin’ somethin’ I’m working on =)))

A preview collage of the film stills I’ve been doing. I am finally going to create a site to post the archives of my film stills!!! This is where I’m heading, even if it’s the last thing I do!

So far I’ve been the only one (that I know of) of my photographic peers that is actually fully emerging themselves into doing Film/Movie still photography as their profession, but I have a feeling that it’s going to start blooming left and right… call it a woman’s intuition.

Shooting Raw

I’ve actually had multiple comments made to be by students… “how can you shoot raw? It takes up too much space! I don’t bother with it”

Two answers…
1. Get a larger memory card.
2. Get another large memory card.

Why? Here’s a good reason:

This would have NOT been possible if I shot in JPG. I would have to toss a perfectly good image out the window because my camera metering went on a random fritz. This can happen to you too, so how are YOU prepared?

On a much lighter note I’m almost done editing all of my weddings 🙂 About… oh… 1600 more images to go… plus a movie shoot I’m doing tonight and Tuesday… so I’d say about 2300 left. Much better than the 6000 I started off with, I can tell you that!

Loving Those Templates…

Oh yes. I am. Loving it. Brides, you better be loving it too… because it’s awesome! At least I think it is. How amazing would one of these vintage style template images look blown up on your wall? The answer I’m looking for is AWEESOMEEE!!!

Working my butt off at the last 4 weddings I just had in a row. Editing, converting, burning, packaging, shipping… I wish this stuff happened overnight! My numb legs and butt tell me otherwise. I spend more time in my computer chair than I really should… hey, at least I’m not in a cubicle! I can watch Spongebob Squarepants all day in my pajamas while at work 🙂 … (not that I do that. I would be devastated if you pictured me like that)

Vintage Copies

So Minerva Photography as a business is evolving every day. I have thoughts running through my mind constantly… which is what should happen to an entrepreneur artist, right? Right! So with thought and planning, I have decided to add THREE new “Vintage” styles to my wedding, event, and portrait packages!

What does this mean? This means that my clients will receive a copy of their images in Color, B&W, Sepia, and THREE Vintage styles! My rates are still $100/hr but trust me this isn’t going to last much longer. Brides, event planners, preggos, seniors, families, whoever… seriously… this is something to take advantage of. Lock in your rates today and I’m NOT kidding!

Regardless of whatever your hourly rate was, contact me asap and I’ll send you your three vintage copies for only $25! I take paypal, personal checks, and cash… but you already knew that =)


And I did it again!
This is what happens when you live with me. I take you to random city parks and make you stand in front of me.

Vintage Maternity

After being in a color film photography class for a year back in 2007, “COLOR CORRECTION” was BEATEN into my brain. So I pretty much realized that I can color correct with my eyes closed and my hands tied around my back. I look at the world around me and I see things off color because it’s to a point that my brain doesn’t even correct it anymore. Not that I want to get into fine art or anything but since I paid my dues, I think it’s about time to be a REBEL!

I’m getting a hang of this vintage look, and I absolutely LOVE IT!

She had the baby two days later =)

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